Well, we’ve reached the end of our Kickstarter campaign, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We just want to take this time to thank you 746 times (we ended up with 746 backers – we know that because we’ve refreshed the Kickstarter page every five minutes for the past five weeks). Thanks to you, we surpassed our expectations, and the Foundation Dock can now become a reality.

As soon as our Kickstarter campaign ends, our retail store at World of Simple Design will launch, and the Foundation Dock and Flex Cable packages will be available for preorder immediately.  

While you’re there, please be sure to sign up on our mailing list to get regular email updates. I promise we won’t bombard your inbox with spam, just the occasional Foundation Dock progress report or news about the other innovative products we’re designing. Think of it as a really hip version of Skymall without having to sit on a plane or succumb to a full body pat down.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for believing in us and being a part of this project. We should go hang out sometime. Maybe we can start a Kickstarter campaign for the price of appetizers, beer, and parking for 746 people . . . or not . . . I don’t know anymore . . . I’m just tired.

We did it!!

As we round the final turn and enter the home stretch of our campaign on Kickstarter, things are a blur. From the late nights spent designing and re-designing the new home for your iPhone, to creating web pages and telling the world about our creation, this has been a heck of a ride. Even though we here at World of Simple Design are tired and admittedly a bit punchy, we are still trying to get the word out to everyone we can about Foundation Dock while there’s still time to get in on Kickstarter pricing.

There still seems to be skeptics out there, though. Like this guy I spoke to earlier today. I kept telling him about all the great features of the Foundation Dock, but all he could ever say was “but…”

It was pretty annoying.  Here’s what happened:

“So not only does the Foundation Dock support iPhone 4s and the new Samsung Galaxy S3, it will also support the new iPhone 5 Lightning connector. Isn’t that cool?”

“Yes, but.. .”

“But what? How about the fact that the Flex Cable enables you to place your phone in any position you need, even horizontally? Knock knock – that’s the future knocking, dude. Are you going to answer or just sit there like an old lady with a bunch of cats? Don’t be the old lady with a bunch of cats.”

“Yeah, but…”

“I can tell you’re a tough customer. But you have to be impressed with the fact that the Foundation Dock is a solid hub that’s been CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum. It’s so sturdy that you can remove your phone with one hand. Plus, if you don’t think the aluminum finish is awesome, you can order it in Matte Black or Ferrari Red.

“Please, just . . . “

“Wow, what more could you possibly want in an iPhone dock? Would you like 4 powered USB ports? Done. Maybe a shielded audio line out to connect to your stereo?  Done. How about a built-in 4 watt speaker and an internal mic for perfect Facetime conversations? Freakin’ DONE, dude!

There are only 3 days left!! This is important!!  I mean really – what more could you really want!?!”

“I just want you to tell me if you want fries with your order. Please, you are holding up the line and scaring the other customers.”

Some people are so uptight. I guess the line of a fast food restaurant isn’t their idea of a great place to do a little marketing. And who knew about all their fancy schmancy rules about having to wear pants? They actually suggested that I “might run a comb through my hair”. My hair looks fine! I mean..sure…I haven’t showered in a few days and my hair is a little matted. But I’ve been busy!

So apparently I’ll need a little bail money . . . and maybe some pants. But I won’t let this end my quest to tell the world about the Foundation Dock!  By the way…what does delousing mean?

My mother’s bedtime ritual involves playing a myriad of games on her iPhone. Most nights you can find her neatly tucked in bed and frantically coming up with a high scoring word, drawing a picture, or launching a bird at pigs. She loves the technology of her smart phone, but lately she has been having a new problem.

It seems that the act of holding her iPhone for long periods of time while playing these games has exacerbated the arthritis in her fingers.  She has tried resting the phone on her pillow or laying it on the bed, but it just moves all around as soon as she starts tapping the screen.

Luckily, there is the Foundation Dock. The bead-blasted, anodized aluminum casing combined with the flexibility and strength of the Flex Cable allows Mom to place her iPhone exactly where she wants it without having to worry about it falling over.  When she finally finishes playing her games and wants to go to sleep, she just reshapes the flex cable and her iPhone continues to charge the night away.

It’s great when we can find any product that can actually take a little pain away from someone’s daily routine, and the Foundation Dock has totally done that for my mom. Now she can draw, get triple word scores, and blow up pigs’ forts to her heart’s content.

Ah parents; they’re so much fun at that age!

For me, a cluttered desk represents a cluttered mind.  So, my desk is naturally a cluttered mess most of the time. Oh sure, I always start out with the best of intentions; a neat desk top greets me most mornings. But then I screw up my feng shui by actually having to work at it.

First, I pitch my keys down. Then there’s my coffee. Oh, and I can’t forget my iPhone, or the charging cable that’s somewhere in my bag. . .

By noon, I am eating lunch at my desk, which only adds to the Everest pile of clutter I am building. I would have gone somewhere to eat, but my keys have been swallowed by clutter. They were last spotted under the shadow of my iPad that I brought out to charge.  Also I can’t ever seem to get into a good work groove because of incoming texts and alerts on my iPhone.

Well here’s where the Foundation Dock enters the picture and changes everything (well, almost everything – it won’t store my coffee – there’s some “technical issue” about liquids and electricity).

Foundation Dock is designed to integrate seamlessly into the workspace.  Not only does it keep my phone charged all day, the 16” flex cable keeps it at eye level so that I don’t have to interrupt my work to stop and check messages. Plus, using Facetime, I can now have video conferences while keeping my computer’s work flow the same.  The built in speakers and mic work great so I don’t have to bog down my computer by opening another program for conferencing.

Foundation Dock gives me plenty of extra usb ports for charging other devices, and there is even a spot on top to keep my keys (and some change – you know – for my “wealth corner”).

So thanks to Foundation Dock, I have a far less cluttered desk which gives me a less stressful work day. Now I just have to work on the “cluttered mind” part . . . some day. It’s all about baby steps.


Thanks to the Foundation Dock, iCook!
My mother is a gourmet cook from France. She has spent her entire life amassing a library of amazing recipes that turn a simple family get-together into a major event that is a thrill to the senses. I would love to attempt some of her creations myself, but here’s where I run into my first problem: My mother stores this vast array of culinary knowledge in her own head. None of her delicious recipes are written down anywhere.

I have tried to get her to email me recipes, but my mom thinks the computer is best used to play mahjong, plus her typing is slow enough that we would go hungry waiting for her to finish her first email.

To complicate things a bit further, my mother is in her 80’s, half deaf, and speaks with a heavy accent. Trying to cook a gourmet meal in a loud kitchen while on the phone with my mom is like trying to decipher secret code while playing basketball in a snowstorm; it’s just not going to happen.

Luckily for me, the Foundation Dock has changed this into a great experience for my mother and me.  Foundation Dock allows me to have hands free Facetime conversations with my mom while I am in the kitchen.  She can take me step by step through a recipe as if she were right here by my side.  Thanks to the flexibility of Foundation Dock’s  cable, I can change the viewing angle so that my mom can actually watch how thin I am slicing my vegetables or tell me the correct consistency of a sauce.  And all the kitchen noise in the world is no match for the built in speakers and microphone of the Foundation Dock, so no more screaming over the noise of the exhaust fan.

The Foundation Dock has definitely helped to change a once frustrating time into an enjoyable experience that I get to share with my mom.

Bon Apetit!

I have a problem with insomnia. But after years of frustration, I finally stumbled onto the perfect combination of melatonin and subtitled action movies out of Hong Kong to put me to sleep every night. I crawl into bed with my iPad, and watch a story that captures my attention and bores me at the same time. Then, boom - the melatonin kicks in and I'm fast asleep.
The thing is that my technique for a good night's sleep is flawed in a couple of places. For starters, I use my iPhone as an alarm clock which makes me have to choose between charging either my iPhone or my iPad every night. I need my alarm, but sometimes, I also need a second movie to get to sleep. 
This is where the Foundation Dock swoops in to rescue me from my quirky sleep habits! Having it sitting neatly on my nightstand, the Foundation Dock allows me to cradle my iPhone so that it faces me, making it easy to find. No more having to hunt for my glasses first just to find my phone! Secondly, I can keep my iPad charging all night so that I can watch as many bad movies as it takes to get to sleep. 
So give it your best shot, insomnia! Thanks to the Foundation Dock, I'm ready for you!